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I found the book fascinating. It would be great for preteens and older grade school students. I plan on buying three more - one for my 13 year old nephew and one for each of my married kids (to use as their kids get older and ask more questions).

                    - G. Sawicki

This was a great purchase. I got this book for my daughter when she was 12 and she loved it. She took it to school and her friends & teacher liked it as well. She recently told me she saw a copy on her teacher's bookshelf.

               - Amy Lucas

I first bought this book for my 11 year old grandson, but before I could give it to him I found myself thumbing through the pages and stopping frequently when a word or phrase caught my attention. By the time I finished, it was a "used" book and I had to get another to give as a gift.

This is the perfect book for any kid who thinks he doesn't like to read. Although you could start at the beginning and read through to the end, I like to open it at random and learn something new each time.

                       - E. Bryan

I absolutely loved this book!

It's been awhile since I found myself totally engrossed within the pages of a non-fiction book, but authors Steve & Matthew Murrie managed to keep my attention from the first page to the last with EVERY MINUTE ON EARTH. More importantly, the authors deliver exactly what the title promises -- totally fun facts about things that happen on Earth every sixty seconds.